Public Workshops

Set in a local library or public gathering place, our presentation is designed to inform and educate parents of college-bound students.

  • Open to anyone to attend
  • Admission is free
  • Smaller setting, more interaction

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Guidance Counselors

Our 1-hour guided presentation is the perfect solution for “College Night” with an educational, solicitation-free message.

  • You determine the date/time
  • You invite the attendees
  • We simply deliver the message

Schedule a time to meet with us to learn more, and experience a shortened presentation.


As a company who cares, your employees will appreciate the information that is gleaned from our presentation. 

  • Conducted at your facility
  • Can be for small or large groups
  • Free 1-on-1 consultation benefit

Contact us to discuss how we may help you offer a valuable benefit to your employees.



Your members who are parents of college-bound students will appreciate the value-add of our presentation.

  • Great membership benefit
  • Conducted at your facility
  • Small or large chapter adaptive

Call us to learn how you might offer an invaluable benefit to your membership.


Non-Profits / Churches

We provide a holistic message that can help less fortunate families learn how college can be more affordable.

  • Solicitation-free presentation
  • We help those who need help most
  • Free 1-on-1 follow up consultation

Talk with us and learn how our presentation can help your membership.


Financial Professionals

Partner with a professional – we will present to your clients who may have failed to save adequately for their child’s college education. 

  • Advocacy that makes you the hero
  • Non-competitive advice for your clients
  • Increased business opportunities

Learn how we might help you to attract and retain more clients for your practice.